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Alexa can now send SMS messages in the US, here’s how

by Miles Warren
May 24,2022

Amazon just added a handy feature to its Alexa assistant, which lets you send texts via SMS just by issuing a voice command to your Echo or other supported speaker.

This works for users in the US, and only if you’ve got an Alexa-powered speaker connected to an Android device on which you’re signed into your Amazon account. Here’s how to set it up and send your first message via Alexa:

Launch the Alexa app, and sign up for Alexa Calling & Messaging.

Tap the Conversations button, and select ‘Contacts., then ‘My Profile.’

Enable “Send an SMS” and accept the Android OS permission request.

Invoke Alexa with a voice command to your speaker and say, “Send an SMS to (contact name).”

That’s pretty handy for when you need to shoot off a text and have your hands full. SMS may not be sexy anymore, but everyone with a phone can receive your messages. It also negates the need for your contact to have an Echo or the Alexa app so you can use the intercom-style messaging features . Just remember that this doesn’t work for texting 911, or sending group messages and MMS.

  • Miles Warren
  • May 24,2022

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