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Guidelines on How to Prolong the Battery Life of Your Smartphone

by Miles Warren
October 20,2023

It is indeed an inconvenience if you have run out of battery life if you are on a commute and there is no way for you to recharge because of the lack of presence of a wall plug. The inconvenience could turn to annoyance and frustration if you are trying to get your work done on the go, listening to music, or just entertaining yourself during the duration of the trip. Can you relate? With this being said–it is a perfectly valid question to ask how we can prolong or extend the battery life of our smartphone? Although LiPo and Li-Ion have been advertised as a reliable battery, they still have a limited life and they will eventually drain upon constant heavy usage. If you indeed have these concerns in mind, then I am happy to tell you that the blog I prepared for today is especially what you are looking for. In this short but informative blog, I will share with you guidelines on how to prolong the battery life of your smartphone which will enable you to enjoy its features and functionality for a long time. So without any further delays, let's get right into today's discussion…

Turn On Power-Saving Mode

Of course, the most obvious method for prolonging the battery life of your smartphone is to enable the power-saving mode once it reaches the critical level which is about 20%. In addition, every smartphone has a feature where the power-saving mode automatically turns on whenever the battery level becomes critically low. Yes, there would be inconveniences when such functionality is enabled like the dimming of the screen's brightness, disabling applications running in the background, and limited access to some of the unit's features, but it is definitely a lifesaver especially if you are on a commute and there is no available wall plug you can use to recharge your smartphone.

Set Screen Timeout

Sometimes the length of the screen timeout also plays a role in extending the battery life of the smartphone. In any case, you are not aware of an idle smartphone with the screen turned on, not to mention the amount of power the unit is consuming with active applications running in the background. With this being said–it is important that you set the screen timeout to minimize the consumption of power to extend the battery life of the smartphone. To set the screen time go to settings and find the "display" tab. And then, search for the "screen timeout" option and set the time when the screen display goes off.

Use Certified Chargers to Recharge the Smartphone Batteries More Efficiently

Another important aspect of boosting the battery capacity is enhancing the charging process as well. You have to bear in mind that by properly charging your smartphone, you also improve the battery life of the unit after you have plugged it out of the wall socket. Apparently, properly charging, also means using a certified type c charger only for your smartphones. Although original charging bricks are more expensive, we can't deny the fact of the high quality and level of security whenever you are charging your smartphone.

Final Thoughts

I hope the short blog I prepared for today has provided you with the perspective on how you can prolong the battery life of your smartphone that can help you get through the day without any inconveniences and annoyance that could lead to frustrations especially if you are trying to accomplish something or in need of on-board entertainment while you are commuting, so to speak. As mentioned, there are several simple ways you can improve the battery life like enabling the power-saving mode, turning off background apps, and setting a screen timeout. Lastly, it is also important to charge your smartphone properly which includes using a certified charger.


  • Miles Warren
  • October 20,2023

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