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Hollywood or home movie? How to get the most out of your smartphone content

by Miles Warren
April 28,2022

Are you making the most of your smartphone?

Photos, videos, music – you name it, chances are your smartphone can do it. Heck, you can even film your own award-winning, critically-acclaimed movie with an iPhone 5S.

Your smartphone empowers you with all the tools you need to be creative, without the need to buy lots of expensive hardware. And while this is great, it’s only as good as the effort you put into it. No point in having a 12MP camera if you’re not going to use it, right?

So what do you do with your smartphone content? Share it on social media and wait for the likes to pour in? Why stop there? Why not take your content further and create ringtones from your favourite music, movies out of your happiest memories, or multimedia gifts for friends and family. Make use of your content in a meaningful way , or your creations will fade as quickly as the latest viral post.


$29,50 $59

At Softonic, we spend a lot of our time working with and reviewing creative software to help you get more out of your content. One of our favourites is this multimedia suite from AVS4U that includes five simple yet powerful tools to convert, edit, and rework audio and video.

AVS4U’s suite includes the following five programs:

AVS Video Editor

A versatile, feature-packed editor to splice, split, and enhance your smartphone videos. AVS Video Editor takes you through the entire movie-making process, from helping you storyboard your ideas to correcting hand-shake, exposure, and colour. Choose from over 300 effects to really make your video project stand out.

AVS Video Converter

AVS Video Converter does exactly what it says – takes virtually any file format and converts it into another of your choosing.

If you’re creating a wedding video, for example, and want to include guests’ smartphone footage, you might find them in different formats. AVS Video Converter solves this problem by converting video clips into a single format for easy editing and playback.


$29,50 $59

AVS Video Remaker

Imagine your friend sent you a video clip of her dancing at a party. She wants to upload the video to social media, but without the part where she trips over her heels and lands in the punch bowl. With AVS Video Remaker, you can remove the embarrassing moment and send the edited version back to your friend without reconversion. This ensures the original file remains compatible with her social media account.

AVS Audio Converter

If your music library is filled with MP3s, FLACs, ALACs, and WAVs, but you’ve got a DJ playlist to create in less than an hour, you need AVS Audio Converter. It’ll take your preselected tracks and convert them to a single, universally-compatible file type and size (of your choosing), ensuring you can blow the roof off the party without fiddling with file types.

AVS Audio Editor

If you’re feeling creative, take that DJ playlist and add your own sounds, effects, and mix edits with the AVS Audio Editor. You can clean up interference, add echo or delay, cut, splice, and trim – even mix together several tracks at once like DJ Woody . It’ll even make ringtones out of your favourite tracks.

The AVS4U multimedia package costs just $29,50 (Introducing the coupon AVS-Softonic18) , down from its original price of $59 (70% off ). That’s for the unlimited version. That’s excellent value for money, but don’t take our word for it – download and try it for yourself. But hurry – the discount ends soon, so avoid disappointment by downloading it today.


$29,50 $59

  • Miles Warren
  • April 28,2022

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