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Is True That the Higher the Pixel Means the Better the Photos Taken by the Phone?

by Miles Warren
July 27,2023

With the development of technology, smartphones have become an important tool for people to take photos daily. However, when people choose a smartphone, they often only focus on the pixels of the camera and ignore other influencing factors, such as the relationship between sensor size and imaging quality. And people are usually not too comprehensive about those data, so is there a suitable phone recommended for everyone? This article will introduce you to the relationship between cell phone camera pixels, sensor size and imaging quality, and will also recommend a reliable phone to you.

Factors Affecting the Quality of Imaging


First of all, the pixels of a cell phone camera are the number of pixel dots that shine on the imaging sensor. Therefore, the more pixels there are, the more detail and information the camera can capture. In general, the more pixels a cell phone camera has, the clearer and more detailed the photos will be. However, higher cell phone camera pixels are not better, and ultra-high pixels do not mean high-quality imaging, because there are other factors affecting the imaging.

Sensor Size

Secondly, the sensor size of the cell phone camera is also one of the important factors affecting imaging quality. The sensor size determines the ability of the phone camera to perceive light and the camera's ability to understand the details of the image. In general, a large sensor with the same pixels allows the camera to occupy more light and can get better shots. The image quality of a large sensor camera tends to be better than that of a small sensor camera for the same number of pixels. Finally, these two factors interact with each other to determine the quality of cell phone camera imaging. Therefore, the larger the sensor of a phone with the same pixels, the better pictures it usually takes.

Recommended Phones-Honor 90

If you don't want to take the time to understand the above factors but want to find a suitable phone quickly, then the Honor 90 is the best choice. Because the Honor 90 comes standard with a 200-megapixel photo camera and has a large 1/1.4-inch sensor, it is one of the best in the current mid to high-end phone market. When you shoot, the ultra-high pixel camera in the phone not only has great light sensitivity but also can be intelligently optimized for different scenes and people characteristics, making every photo natural and beautiful. In addition, the Honor 90 has a 12-megapixel ultra wide-angle macro lens and a 2-megapixel depth-of-field lens to meet different shooting needs. In terms of video, Honor 90 supports 4K video recording and has a variety of video features such as dual recording, AI editing, super anti-shake, and super night video, so you can easily take professional-grade video works. And honor 90 5g performance is also very impressive, its 5g technology can provide very a fast data transfer rate, even several times faster than 4g technology, so that your usual browsing or downloading is much faster. And its 5g technology can reduce network latency significantly, which can make applications more responsive, making real-time feedback faster.


The image quality of cell phone cameras not only depends on the number of pixels but is also influenced by the size of the sensor. When choosing to use a smartphone to take pictures, you should consider the number of pixels and sensor size of the phone to get better imaging quality, if you don't know which phone to choose, then Honor 90 is very excellent.




  • Miles Warren
  • July 27,2023

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