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Technical Application of Blockchain

by Miles Warren
February 12,2021

In a narrow sense, blockchain is a chain data structure. It is composed of data blocks. They are connected in sequence according to time order. In addition, it uses cryptography application methods. It can ensure that the data is not tampered with. It is not falsified.

Blockchain can use distributed node consistency algorithm. It uses blockchain data structure. It can verify and store data. Then generate and update the data. It uses cryptography methods to ensure the security of data transmission and visit. It is a brand-new distributed foundation architecture and computing paradigm. Data is programmed through intelligent contracts composed of automated script codes.

In the current Internet era, the drawbacks of centralization are becoming more serious. This makes many Internet companies set foot in the blockchain.

Blockchain skills have many features. Various professions have pain points. Blockchain technology will be applied to the following fields.

In the financial field, blockchain technology can promote anti-money laundering. It can promote customer proof.

Finance is taken into account as the most important category. In the financial industry, there are broad prospects for the use of blockchain skills. Such as in digital money and bank. It is also important in payment and liquidation. Intelligent contracts, financial transactions also use it.

For online shopping, the payment link in the purchase process is important. It requires the enterprise to complete the trusted secured transaction. This is through its own payment method. In this way, the credit foundation is in the hands of the enterprise itself.

A "trusted super system" replaces the payment channel. The transaction can become intuitive and safe. There is no need for third-party guarantee. This is the effect that the application of blockchain can produce.

Bitcoin is the most extensive and successful application of blockchain skills. Its unique features of not being tampered with is good. Not being disclosed by the whole network is important. It won wide trust in banking, securities and insurance.

In the application of social field, blockchain has great core value. It allows users to control the data themselves. This prevents privacy disclosure.

People will receive similar ad popups on other social platforms. They just browsed a shopping website. The data has a feeling that there is no privacy at all.

We can use blockchain technology in the social field. The control of social networks can shift from centralized companies to people. In this way, the control of data privacy is in the hands of users themselves.

Using tag and personalized pricing is useful. It can can help people reshape the image of social networks. The relationship between people, identity and cognition will change.


  • Miles Warren
  • February 12,2021

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