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Tesla’s new pocket-sized battery looks nice, but that’s about it

by Miles Warren
November 03,2023

Tesla slipped a new product onto its website under the radar. Not a new car, I’m afraid, but a portable battery, of all things.

Sporting a gorgeous black-and-red color scheme and the Tesla name, the battery is one of the same kind of lithium-ion cells that power older Tesla models.

Unfortunately, the casing isn’t housing anything particularly spectacular. Tesla’s power bank is only 3,350 mAh and costs $45. You can get a 10,000 mAh power bank on Amazon for a song, so all this little device seems to have to recommend it is branding.

Another disadvantage: the Powerbank doesn’t have a USB-C attachment. It does have an Apple lightning cord and a micro-USB cord, but not having the cord that’s become the norm for Android phone users seems like a mistake to me.

Another new addition is the Desktop Supercharger , a tiny version of the actual Supercharger — in case you want to pretend your phone is a Tesla car, I presume. It’s also $45, and doesn’t include any USB cables at all.

If you want to buy either of these things, you can find them buried on the Tesla site in the Lifestyle section, underneath the fancy driving gloves.

  • Miles Warren
  • November 03,2023

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