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Why Crunchyroll is the best way to watch anime

by Miles Warren
May 04,2022

There are a lot of streaming services that mainly offer American shows – Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video to name a few top dogs – but these often miss a good amount of anime! Don’t get us wrong, they’re excellent sites. But, if you are trying to figure out why Netflix stopped hosting “ Black Butler ” or “ The Devil is a Part Timer “, consider trying a program that was created specifically for anime lovers: Crunchyroll!

Ranked by Otakuplan as the best paid anime streaming service, Crunchyroll first and foremost excels and providing the best Japanese shows. On this site, you can catch up on entire classic anthologies like Naruto , JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure , and Cowboy Bebop.

(Okay, Jojo is a classic with many new episodes, but still)

(Okay, Jojo is a classic with many new episodes, but still)

Or, if you’re looking for something new, try out the rising hits like My Hero Academia , Haikyuu!! , and Hunter x Hunter .

Admittedly, a lot of anime sites offer shows. So what really takes Crunchyroll from good to great? Well, luckily, there are a number of easy answers to that question:

1. Crunchyroll looks great.

What can we say, it matters! The website appears clean and user-friendly, the links are easy to navigate, and the search bar works like a charm. All these aspects truly make the anime experience better.

2. Crunchyroll has the subs and the dubs.

Want to watch with subtitles, or do you prefer the English dubbing? Crunchyroll invests in bringing content to users, so if they exist, these options will often be available!

3. A bunch of cool, nifty tricks.

Simply put, Crunchyroll offers a ton of small perks that combine to make the experience better: a “Queue” function to titles for later, periodic guest passes you can gift to friends, variable stream quality for all internet speeds, a forum to discuss anime-related topics, and even a random button if you’re feeling lucky!

4. The Expo. Aw yeah.

Once you’re done burning through your favorite shows like Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood or Kill la Kill , attend Crunchyroll’s up and coming convention in August/September and meet thousands of other enthusiasts! Check out original artwork in the “artists alley”, join cosplay gatherings, or visit one of the many other attractions.

5. One more thing…

If nothing else, how can you go wrong with a tasty title like Crunchyroll?

All in all, Crunchyroll offers solid anime streaming on par with Netflix’s high standards of excellency… just with a greater emphasis on Japanese culture. Have fun exploring this new world of entertainment!

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  • Miles Warren
  • May 04,2022

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